Make That First Step

4 Tips on Taking the First Step


To take that first step can be the easiest and toughest step you will ever take.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Laozi

This quote has stuck with me ever since we designed our wedding invitation. It was so apt as we were embarking on a new journey in our life. We didn’t know where the journey would end, but we needed to take that first step to find out.

Taking that first step, however big or small it is, can be scary. Looking back, if I hadn’t, I would not know the joys of a happy marriage and family.

It will always be difficult to take that defining step. It could be choosing a path of study at university, starting a new career, changing your career path,
or potentially starting your own business. As scary as it may seem, it really is as simple as making a move on starting your journey. You know that something inside of you is pushing you into that path. Use that desire to take you forward.

1. Visualise that first step and get excited about the journey and the possible end result
Having a picture of the positive end result will encourage you to take that first step. The clearer you see it, the more excited you will get.

2. Picture yourself in that new job or running your own business
What does it look like and what do you look like?

3. Tell someone! – the slogan of a local cell phone network
Once you can visualise your dream and you are excited about it, tell the people around you, especially those that will encourage and support you.
They will be very good accountability partners.

4. Do your research as to what can help you reach your goal
You only need that one thing. It could be to register for a course to improve a skill. It could be that you require finance or need a mentor or coach. Perhaps your new venture would do better with a partner or better property. Maybe you need to make yourself known to a manager, and that could mean you need to start up a social media page or write a blog.

Use the information to help you with some of your fears you may have about starting this journey.

One of my coaching clients lives by the phrase “sometimes you just need to do it afraid”.
You may not have all you need to get to the end goal right now, even so, you can start your journey.

As Arthur Ashe, the American professional tennis player, said “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”

It is never too late to take that first step.