Amanda Solomon, Business Owner, Cape Town




The Coaching sessions have provided the following to me in my daily working life (and spilled over into my private life), and hopefully, with practice, will become a natural way of moving forward:

  1. Clarity – clarity in thinking and organising, helping me to be able to step back and see the trees from the woods
  2. Organisation – they have given me the ability to organise my days, improving my time-management and thereby reducing stress and missed business opportunities, by working through what is most important to the business to achieve long and medium term goals, and not only focus on immediate needs.
  3. Strategic Thinking – The ability to clear my head in what I perceive as stressful or high emotion situations and think strategically and in the best interest of the business.
  4. Focus – They have taught me how to focus on outcomes and methods of getting there through clear and uncluttered thinking
  5. Emotion – They have taught me not to fear my emotional reaction, but to control it and again, act in the best interest of the business, without letting my emotions control my decisions or interactions.
  6. Fear – Although the fear is still there, I have been able to control it and face potential confrontational situations in a business-like and calm manner, whereas before I would have avoided them. I do worry that this is the one area I may need to keep practicing, and facing my fear to overcome it. It is an uncomfortable space for me to be in, but I now have the tools, and logical thought patterns to try and overcome this.
  7. Ability – So far I think I have learnt most importantly, that I have within me the ability to be the best me I can be, and will be able to work through cluttered thoughts and past experience expectations, to understand that I can say what is true to me, and in the best interest of the business, without being fearful of offending or causing a confrontational situation.