– Michelle, Compliance Officer, Cape Town




Coaching has allowed me to express my feelings, and have them played back to me, and given me a new insight into myself. It’s forced me to confront things I buried, but also consider things I never thought to consider before. But it has also shown me that I know myself a lot better than I thought.

The Enneagram has definitely helped here. I found myself considering my behaviours after meetings with people, and even wondering about my interactions with people before I met with them. Knowing what my typical responses are to certain situations, made me be proactive, instead of reactive. Also, being aware of my weak spots, allowed me to step up my confidence without even really trying to. I know that I’m not really an assertive person, and so will let others speak while I sit back and listen. Knowing this beforehand, made me ask myself if I was just going to stay silent, or speak up. I chose the latter, and recognised that I had done so only after the meeting. This showed me that an awareness of myself, has helped me to make decisions which could potentially be more beneficial that my usual response to situations.

I appreciate that Malcolm is always candid. I feel comfortable discussing sensitive issues because I know that he knows how to play it back to me. I also feel comfortable because he is knowledgeable about topics I struggle with. He is open enough to relay his own experiences and provide a feeling of comfort when issues are really tough to talk about. I appreciate that he is kind, even when feedback he provides may not always be easy for me to hear.