Ulika, Physiotherapist, Cape Town




At the time I started working with Malcolm I was frustrated in my job because I felt as though my professional development had stagnated. I believed that my options were very black and white, and that limited me in creating other opportunities for myself. After a few sessions with Malcolm, my perceptions of myself started to change. He helped me to become aware of my strengths and weaknesses, so that I was able to form clear goals which are congruent with my personal values. Forming these goals and a strategy to work on achieving them removed that initial anxiety and frustration of not knowing where my career was heading. I feel that through coaching I have gone from a state of inaction to feeling like I have a more purpose driven work day. I now understand myself so much better, and it has shown in my recent decisions and the outcomes achieved. As a coach, Malcolm was, and still is, extremely committed to my journey. He has a wonderful, unassuming manner of giving you the tools you need to realise the solutions to your problems. I felt very comfortable talking to him, and always walked away from every session feeling uplifted and confident. I still continue to look to Malcolm for support as I progress in my career.